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The Pulmonology Clinic

"You don't realize how much you take your breathing for granted, until you become abnormally aware of it" , says Dr. Ritu Malani (Consultant Pulmonologist)

respiratory Medicine
Pulmonology (or Respiratory Medicine) is a medical speciality that deals with diseases of the respiratory tract (lungs and upper airways).
India contributes to 18% of the world's population, but 32% of the global burden of respiratory diseases. The rising prevalence of both chronic and acute respiratory diseases in India, especially in big cities like New Delhi/ NCR, is attributable to the dangerously high levels of outdoor air pollution from particulate matter, indoor air pollution from biomass fuels, occupational exposure to crop dust, dust from mines and chemicals, environmental tobacco smoke, poor nutrition, overcrowding and a general low immunity in today's population.
"The most common complaint that internists and family physicians encounter from patients nowadays is cough, whether it is winters, summers or even spring. If it is not acute respiratory infections, it is allergies; if it is not chronic persistent bronchitis, it is an exacerbation of bronchial asthma. And while the adult population is dealing with it somehow, maximum harm is coming to the paediatric age group, whose lungs are still in a stage of growth and development", says Dr. Ritu Malani.
Dr. Malani deals with the management of chronic respiratory diseases like COPD (Chronic bronchitis/ emphysema), Bronchial asthma, Interstitial lung diseases, Occupational lung diseases, Pulmonary Sarcoidosis, Tuberculosis, Pulmonary neoplasms, Hypersensitivity lung diseases, etc, as well as acute lung conditions like Upper and Lower respiratory infections, Acute rhino-sinusitis, Acute bronchitis, Pneumonias, Acute respiratory failure etc.
She has special interest in Allergies.
Dr. Malani is passionate about the level of care she gives to her patients, and works to help them achieve their optimal health status.
Best General Physician in Delhi
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